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          【2018-02-22】Introduction of electrophoretic treatment technology for aluminum profiles

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          China's aluminum industry after 20 years of development, has formed a complete industrial system, become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. The output of raw aluminum has reached over 2 million 500 thousand tons, accounting for the third place in the world, and has more than 1000 aluminum processing enterprises. The production capacity has reached 3 million 500 thousand tons / year, and the output of aluminum profiles has reached 1 million tons / year.

          As one of the 1000 aluminum and aluminum processing enterprises, Chinese development of these 20 years is the rapid growth of the new fish group for 20 years, now the new fish group has become the ten largest aluminum Chinese brand enterprises, have a few 20 extruding machines, 5 coating production lines, 4 grain production line and 3 production bridge line and 1 plastic injection production line.

          In the past 20 years, aluminum surface treatment technology developed rapidly, by means of bronze material development to have the powder coating, spraying fluorocarbon coatings, organic and inorganic coloring, electrophoresis coating, and chemical mechanical polishing process before single grain processing technology, a new generation of the three electrolytic coloring and multicolor microarc oxidation coloring technology is also in the trial, with titanium, gold, champagne, and all kinds of imitation stainless steel aluminum color appearance, but also show the mirror, sand, Matt, pearl and other special effects. In many surface treatment technologies, electrophoretic coating is the most promising application technology.

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